A Woman Jumps in Front of a Speeding Car and Saves a Boy's Life

This video is pretty graphic - thank goodness they're gonna be ok. 

This is a super save by a super woman who rescued a child from a fatal accident. The incident was captured in a camera at Junco’s in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Shanta Jordon shielded a child from a speeding car that rammed into the side of a restaurant. The two hit the wall and laid on the ground as the people rushed to help. The boy was rescued because she took the major impact from the collision.

‘I want to say thank you to this good person,’ police chief Perez said. ‘If it wasn’t’ because she stepped in, I truly believe it would have been a fatality.’

Fortunately, both of them survived and the risk did not go in vain. A special tribute honoring Jordan will be held at City Hall next week.

Meanwhile, the driver was arrested and charged with reckless driving.

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