Five Finger Death Punch issue statement after lead singer meltdown Monday

Five Finger Death Punch came unraveled at a show in the Netherlands on Monday night. Singer Ivan Moody told the audience they were seeing his last show with the band. During the concert, the band frequently left the stage to "argue amongst themselves," according to Tilburg media reports. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory later tweeted that the incident was "Not a publicity stunt," explaining it was the result of "Murphy's Law on full throttle or more like Spinal Tap on 11."

Then in a statement released yesterday the band implied that things have settled down, by saying: "Those who have followed Five Finger Death Punch from the beginning can tell you there has always been an element of danger and unpredictability in our music and in our shows. That's rock 'n' roll. When you do over 150 shows in a year, you will inevitably have a few derailments, but the train always keeps on moving. Last night in Tilburg was one of those instances, but as they say, you aren't a race car driver if you don't wreck a car or two."

This was not the first incident for the singer of Five Finger Death Punch. In May of 2015 Moody had a meltdown during a show in Memphis. Afterwards he entered rehab. Then last November, the band walked off stage in Worcester, Massachusetts because Moody was unable to perform. 


Five Finger Death Punch has a packed schedule the rest of the year, headlining major festivals like Houston Open Air, Monster Energy Rock Allegiance, and a few more festivals this summer, who knows what's going to happen?

Alternatively, is this just another mental breakdown that he'll manage to get through? Maybe due to the stress of the ongoing lawsuit with their current, soon to be former, record label? Who knows.

The band's next scheduled gig is in Austria in two days. It will be interesting to see how the band spin the news this time.

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