A UFC Fighter Pooped Her Pants During a Fight

 If you didn't watch "UFC Fight Night" on Sunday night, then you missed . . . well . . . something you probably wouldn't have wanted to see anyway.

It happened during a fight between FELICE HERRIG and JUSTINE KISH.  Felice had Justine down on the mat.  She was on top of her, trying to sink in a chokehold.

Justine was trying valiantly to fight her off, but one part of her had already given up:  Her BOWELS.  The accident actually left stains on the mat.  And to add insult to injury, she lost the fight.

But she STILL managed to have a sense of humor about it . . . because in a situation like this you HAVE TO.  She Tweeted, quote, "I am a warrior, and I will never quit.  #[Stuff]Happens haha be back soon."  (Of course, in the actual Tweet, she didn't use the word "stuff".)

(WARNING!!!  This interview contains the S-word, as you would expect.)

FYI:  The referee must have somehow not noticed, because on Twitter, another UFC ref named "Big" John McCarthy said the rule is that if someone goes to the bathroom during a fight, it's OVER, and that fighter gets a TKO loss.

(WARNING!!!  You can check out video here, but it's kind of gross.)

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