All Eyes And Ears On Today's O.J. Parole Board Hearing

Nine years into a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel, disgraced former football and Hollywood star, O.J. Simpson (inset), is scheduled to appear before a parole board in Nevada today to decide if he'll be released from prison - AND THE WORLD WILL BE LISTENING AND WATCHING! If paroled, Simpson could be set free as early as October. Now 70-years old, O.J. has been described as a model prisoner at Lovelock Correctional Facility, reports CNN. One of the key factors lending to O.J's likely release today is the appearance of Bruce Fromong, a victim in the robbery and kidnapping, who plans to testify at the parole hearing to advocate for Simpson's release. He told CNN's Paul Vercammen, "I'm not doing it because he's my friend, which he is. I am doing it because the right thing to do."

It's s been 22 years since the infamous police chase in a white Ford Bronco (L) with Simpson inside, who eventually returned to his home in Los Angeles and surrendered to police on murder charges in the deaths of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpsonand her friend Ronald Goldman. In October of 1995,, it what was deemed the trial of the century, he was found not guilty of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.