Mom Horrified Over Children's Toy That Tells Dirty Jokes [WATCH]

A mom says the fake TV remote her son received for Christmas is supposed to play children's songs and sound effects, but in a demonstration of the toy she posted on TikTok it spews out a sexually-themed joke about a priest.

How many Catholic priests does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two. One to do the screwing, and one to hear the confession.

"What? What?" She says in the clip. "It's a kid’s toy. There’s a baby on the box!"

She keeps pressing buttons until we get another inappropriate joke.

You'll never guess what makes a clip-clop-clip-clop-bang-bang-clip-clop sound. An Amish drive by shooting!

A lot of the commenters are equally horrified, but a few said they'd be making a Walmart run to buy one.

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